Wednesday, December 5, 2007

the shooting in Omaha

James and family were not at the mall at the time of the shootings in Omaha today. James had considered going to that very mall that afternoon but Meghan had forgotten a science book so he went to get it for her. He was actually driving past the mall at the time of the shooting. We are thankful that they are all ok. Just thought I'd pass it on.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Sam & Ginger in Texas

Ginger & I had a really fun trip to visit Brent, Brooke and kids during November. We went to the park every day, shopping, out to lunch and had the funnest time. It really got us excited thinking about having them at our house for a couple of weeks in December and being able to share Christmas together.

The picture link has a few pictures of our trip and also Thanksgiving at Michael and Amelia's.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sam, Ginger and family

November has been a flurry of sports activities like no other! As of the last writing, Brock was headed as part of the sweet sixteen to play Cascade in Everett to advance to the quarter finals of the Washington State 4A football championship which they did. It was a really fun game as Eastlake scored 49 points and Cascade scored a couple of times late in the fourth quarter so it wasn't a complete rout. The following week Eastlake played Edmonds/Woodway who was undefeated and hosted one of the states top running backs who averages 182 yds rushing per game and is a bruiser at 5'-11" and 225lbs. They also have one of the top defenses in the state. Eastlake lost their QB early in the second quarter and had no real backup since their second string QB had suffered an ankle injury during practice early in the week and didn't even dress so we were down to two guys who hadn't run an offence for over a year but we were still able to march the ball and led late in the 4 th quarter 21-17. Woodway converted an incredible 4th and 9 into a first down on a tipped ball from our defender and eventually went on to score and won 24-21. It was one of the most exciting football games I've ever been to. It has been a fantastic run over the past few years with Brock and brings to a close (at least for awhile) a couple of generations of football in my family. Lots of wonderful memories though!

Bailey has finished here regular season of soccer, post season tournament play and is now playing indoor soccer for a few months. Their team finished third in post season play and Bailey played a key role as captain and anchor of the defense. She's been forthright with her coaches and team about not playing on Sunday and we are proud of her for that and they hold her in high regard for her high values and they respect her for her conviction and wouldn't consider not having her as part of the team. They all lover her passion for the game and the intensity she plays with. I don't know about this indoor stuff, Bailey checks people against the wall like it's hockey but the referee hasn't tossed her yet!

We had a great Thanksgiving with Michael, Amelia and Brock at the O'Brien home. Brandi and Darren and their friend Sarah were able to join us for dinner and it was really fun to spend most of the day together. The weather was beautiful here that whole week and it was the first week in month's that I hadn't traveled for work so we took advantage and got the gutters cleaned, the Christmas lights up, the tree trimmed, and probably the last lawn mow of 2007. I'm sure there have been others, but I can't remember a Thanksgiving week in the Northwest without rain. I kind of liked it!

Ginger and I are like a couple of kids thinking about Christmas and we already know what our gifts are but it doesn't spoil a thing; Brent, Brooke and kids will be coming from Texas and Ben and Melody from Idaho so we'll all be here for the holidays. Pretty nice to know in advance that your Christmas wish is going to be fulfilled!! It will be the first time in four years that our family will all be together for the holidays and it will be so much better now that we've added Kate, Sadie, Darren and Melody. WOW!

1st Post

Here it is! The Beeson family blog! I hope everyone enjoys it.