Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Delayed Christmas update!

Well hello family!!!
So I am finally updating for the month of December, isn't January almost over? oops! But hey where are all of your entries? It isn't a hard thing to learn how to update. It just takes seconds. Let's keep updating it's great to hear from you. As spread out as we are we need to keep in touch!

Anyway, back to the update. Christmas was great. We spent Christmas Eve with friendsat our house and had brunch with other friends on Christmas day and just relaxed (nice for a change) in between all of that. It was just good to be together, drink hot chocolate, sit by the fire and miss all of our family who isn't with us! :-)

We have had a TON of snow. In fact in Decemeber we broke an all time record for the most snow fall ever in the month of Decemeber. But I have decided it's a lot easier to deal with the cold weather when everything is and you get to look at cute snowmen like this one.
It's our neighbors but I love it!

Along with lots of snow comes lot's of sledding and snowboarding. Ben got a snowboard for Christmas so Mike is teaching him how to board. He is really getting the hang of it. I think the other boys will be boarding here before to long. We have been sledding several times. They LOVE it.

We also celebrated Ben's 10th birthday. Wow!!! I have a 10 year old. They had a great time we made our own pizzas, ate our snowboard cake and then Mike took them snowboarding /skiing. It was there first time to an actual hill with a chair lift. I don't want to actually call it a resort being that it only has one chair lift. But it is less then 5 minutes from our house and is a great place for beginners. They had a ball. The day after we were counting Ben's bruises on his legs from all of his crashing (the crashing came before he actual learned how to turn) and it might have been easier to count the unbruised skin parts then the bruises! But you know the bruises must make him more manly or something! The joys of boys. I love you all and am looking forward to hearing from you!!!

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