Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Peterson Christmas

After a few crazy weeks the beginning of December, we were happy to leave it all behind and head up to Seattle. It was the first time our "whole family" has been together for a few years. Those 11 days went by pretty fast and now we just have to live with a 3 year old who whines several times a day that "I want to go back to Seattle". We are so grateful for the time we got to spend together as a family and especially getting to know Darren and Melody - they both definitely fit in the Beeson family! Some of the highlights were: bowling (and the lovely bowling attire), Kate's first time sledding, staying up every night watching movies in the in-home theater, Kate looking at Christmas lights saying "Oh my goodness" in the most dramatic voice possible, having lots of help with the kids and just hanging out. Thank you Mom and Dad for the most wonderful Christmas.

Life is back into full swing now that we are home. Santa visited our house in Texas as well so we had two Christmas celebrations and now we've taken down all the decorations. Kate is convinced that we've "ruined Christmas" but maybe someday she'll understand the idea that it will come again in a year from now. Sadie is just about ready to crawl, loves eating things she finds on the floor and is happily entertained by her big sister.

Around here we're hoping that we can make 2008 a little slower and have a little more down time as a family and less time spent on things that don't matter as much. We love you all and hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

love Brent, Brooke, and girls

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