Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sam & Ginger - Jan. 08

Alright already, I know it's March but I'm just getting to January!

The New Year has been a flurry of activities, business and snow! It’s been winter here in the Northwest with a lot of cold weather and plenty of snow in the mountains and several deposits in the lowlands too. It’s made for some great skiing, maybe some of the best snow we’ve ever had here. Ok, it’s not Targhee or Utah but for us it’s been pretty dang good. Brock and Bailey are both skiing a lot with me, and Ginger is about at the threshold of, “I just can’t take it, I’ve got to come with you guys”. She likes to ski but the conditions have to be “just right” and we don’t do a lot of “just right” here in the NW.

The first semester of school has just ended and both Brock and Bailey have done very well. Brock keeps talking about senioritis setting in but he’s so busy with physics, calc and a host of other demanding classes that he hasn’t had too much time to think about it. Good job Brock for not being a slacker and congratulations on being accepted to BYU Provo. He’s really looking forward to being around lots of family and friends that he hasn’t had enough time with and mom and dad are thrilled that he’ll have the opportunity to be in such a great environment as he makes his final preparations for his mission. Bailey has hit her stride in Jr High, has lots of friends, is working hard and doing well in her classes, plays the piano in Jazz Band, is doing great in her regular piano, has done two sessions of indoor soccer and ski’s every week too.

Ginger is in the middle of doing nine ward conferences around the stake so she’s scarce on Sundays so it’s been me and the kids holding down the fort. Dinners aren’t as good when I cook but Brock and Bailey have really stepped things up making sure things are managed in her absence. Work is really busy for me especially after being out on vacation for about three weeks at the end of the year…I wouldn’t change it for a thing. Our company continues to grow and the demands in a startup company in growth mode are significant. I’m really having a lot of fun and there seems to be a real demand for our services in the supermarket sector.

I started this winter with a list of “indoor projects” to complete around the house and, well, the list hasn’t changed much. I’ve had so much fun being with family over the holidays, going skiing on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings with the kids along with the regular have to do’s each week that I’ve accomplished little and looking back, I’m proud to say so. The list will still be there tomorrow but the kids might not be. Life passes quickly and we struggle like most to find the balance and I’m sure I’m no different than all of you in finding that there is never a shortage of things to do and demands on my time and just so everyone knows, the list will be in the drawer this weekend because I plan on skiing again Friday evening and Saturday morning, going to Bailey’s soccer game and on a date with Ginger Saturday night and spending Sunday doing what has been the glue for us in everything, being with my family and worshiping the Lord on the Sabbath.

Love and miss you all.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Delayed Christmas update!

Well hello family!!!
So I am finally updating for the month of December, isn't January almost over? oops! But hey where are all of your entries? It isn't a hard thing to learn how to update. It just takes seconds. Let's keep updating it's great to hear from you. As spread out as we are we need to keep in touch!

Anyway, back to the update. Christmas was great. We spent Christmas Eve with friendsat our house and had brunch with other friends on Christmas day and just relaxed (nice for a change) in between all of that. It was just good to be together, drink hot chocolate, sit by the fire and miss all of our family who isn't with us! :-)

We have had a TON of snow. In fact in Decemeber we broke an all time record for the most snow fall ever in the month of Decemeber. But I have decided it's a lot easier to deal with the cold weather when everything is and you get to look at cute snowmen like this one.
It's our neighbors but I love it!

Along with lots of snow comes lot's of sledding and snowboarding. Ben got a snowboard for Christmas so Mike is teaching him how to board. He is really getting the hang of it. I think the other boys will be boarding here before to long. We have been sledding several times. They LOVE it.

We also celebrated Ben's 10th birthday. Wow!!! I have a 10 year old. They had a great time we made our own pizzas, ate our snowboard cake and then Mike took them snowboarding /skiing. It was there first time to an actual hill with a chair lift. I don't want to actually call it a resort being that it only has one chair lift. But it is less then 5 minutes from our house and is a great place for beginners. They had a ball. The day after we were counting Ben's bruises on his legs from all of his crashing (the crashing came before he actual learned how to turn) and it might have been easier to count the unbruised skin parts then the bruises! But you know the bruises must make him more manly or something! The joys of boys. I love you all and am looking forward to hearing from you!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Peterson Christmas

After a few crazy weeks the beginning of December, we were happy to leave it all behind and head up to Seattle. It was the first time our "whole family" has been together for a few years. Those 11 days went by pretty fast and now we just have to live with a 3 year old who whines several times a day that "I want to go back to Seattle". We are so grateful for the time we got to spend together as a family and especially getting to know Darren and Melody - they both definitely fit in the Beeson family! Some of the highlights were: bowling (and the lovely bowling attire), Kate's first time sledding, staying up every night watching movies in the in-home theater, Kate looking at Christmas lights saying "Oh my goodness" in the most dramatic voice possible, having lots of help with the kids and just hanging out. Thank you Mom and Dad for the most wonderful Christmas.

Life is back into full swing now that we are home. Santa visited our house in Texas as well so we had two Christmas celebrations and now we've taken down all the decorations. Kate is convinced that we've "ruined Christmas" but maybe someday she'll understand the idea that it will come again in a year from now. Sadie is just about ready to crawl, loves eating things she finds on the floor and is happily entertained by her big sister.

Around here we're hoping that we can make 2008 a little slower and have a little more down time as a family and less time spent on things that don't matter as much. We love you all and hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

love Brent, Brooke, and girls

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

the shooting in Omaha

James and family were not at the mall at the time of the shootings in Omaha today. James had considered going to that very mall that afternoon but Meghan had forgotten a science book so he went to get it for her. He was actually driving past the mall at the time of the shooting. We are thankful that they are all ok. Just thought I'd pass it on.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Sam & Ginger in Texas

Ginger & I had a really fun trip to visit Brent, Brooke and kids during November. We went to the park every day, shopping, out to lunch and had the funnest time. It really got us excited thinking about having them at our house for a couple of weeks in December and being able to share Christmas together.

The picture link has a few pictures of our trip and also Thanksgiving at Michael and Amelia's.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sam, Ginger and family

November has been a flurry of sports activities like no other! As of the last writing, Brock was headed as part of the sweet sixteen to play Cascade in Everett to advance to the quarter finals of the Washington State 4A football championship which they did. It was a really fun game as Eastlake scored 49 points and Cascade scored a couple of times late in the fourth quarter so it wasn't a complete rout. The following week Eastlake played Edmonds/Woodway who was undefeated and hosted one of the states top running backs who averages 182 yds rushing per game and is a bruiser at 5'-11" and 225lbs. They also have one of the top defenses in the state. Eastlake lost their QB early in the second quarter and had no real backup since their second string QB had suffered an ankle injury during practice early in the week and didn't even dress so we were down to two guys who hadn't run an offence for over a year but we were still able to march the ball and led late in the 4 th quarter 21-17. Woodway converted an incredible 4th and 9 into a first down on a tipped ball from our defender and eventually went on to score and won 24-21. It was one of the most exciting football games I've ever been to. It has been a fantastic run over the past few years with Brock and brings to a close (at least for awhile) a couple of generations of football in my family. Lots of wonderful memories though!

Bailey has finished here regular season of soccer, post season tournament play and is now playing indoor soccer for a few months. Their team finished third in post season play and Bailey played a key role as captain and anchor of the defense. She's been forthright with her coaches and team about not playing on Sunday and we are proud of her for that and they hold her in high regard for her high values and they respect her for her conviction and wouldn't consider not having her as part of the team. They all lover her passion for the game and the intensity she plays with. I don't know about this indoor stuff, Bailey checks people against the wall like it's hockey but the referee hasn't tossed her yet!

We had a great Thanksgiving with Michael, Amelia and Brock at the O'Brien home. Brandi and Darren and their friend Sarah were able to join us for dinner and it was really fun to spend most of the day together. The weather was beautiful here that whole week and it was the first week in month's that I hadn't traveled for work so we took advantage and got the gutters cleaned, the Christmas lights up, the tree trimmed, and probably the last lawn mow of 2007. I'm sure there have been others, but I can't remember a Thanksgiving week in the Northwest without rain. I kind of liked it!

Ginger and I are like a couple of kids thinking about Christmas and we already know what our gifts are but it doesn't spoil a thing; Brent, Brooke and kids will be coming from Texas and Ben and Melody from Idaho so we'll all be here for the holidays. Pretty nice to know in advance that your Christmas wish is going to be fulfilled!! It will be the first time in four years that our family will all be together for the holidays and it will be so much better now that we've added Kate, Sadie, Darren and Melody. WOW!

1st Post

Here it is! The Beeson family blog! I hope everyone enjoys it.